Nov 17, 2009

Yesterday Today and Later...

I'm Sure everyone is going to talk about gift ideas for this holiday season.
I'm not gonna go
there, since personally i'm in to gift cards;) or cold hard cash.
But I will share some things that i've used for awhile and know i love them and will be using.
So little "investment" pieces for your home.
Electric Kettle

*Heats up water fast, the less you need the faster it will be.
Great for quick tea and instant coffee or i use it for oatmeal in the morning.
I know i can't live with out one. You will have boiled water just in min,
with just a push of the button.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

If you do cook you will need this!!
It will last you many years and with other add-ons can be used
as a meat grinder.
And whips perfect meringue;)

1 comment:

michael said...

always go with "cold hard cash" and lots of it !