Apr 30, 2009

I crave All Saints!

I think i would get about everything from that store!!
I'm just happy it's in UK and i get to only admire for now.
The Dress just kills me!!
oh and don't start me on shoes.
Go check out your self;)

Apr 28, 2009

Beauty: Better than water.

This is my obsession,one of many!
Water dries out my face just can't do it. I found these and ever since I'm addicted. They smell lovely very moist and do the gentle exfoliation ;)

Apr 27, 2009

Soundtrack for this week...

I got carried away getting ready for PARTEY! :P
but i Thought you still need your soundtrack and something that will get stuck in your head and you will sing over and over again!

Apr 20, 2009

Bride Wars Invitations and Decorations!

Oh Target Target ... Gotta love it!
It's like meant to be!! one stop shopping!!
You won't believe the things they have at $1 spot!!
All great for the "bride wars" party!!
Decorating is covered!
Any Craft store will be perfect Too!!

P.S. I know my handwriting sucks:((( *cries*

Getting Ready for BRIDE WARS party

Every time a Big Chick Flick Comes out...
I throw an all girls Party!
And yes it has to be in the style of movie!!
Good way to get with girls and hangout.

And this one is SOOO FUN!!
Invitations will be all bridal!
Decorating all bridal!!
And you have to wear tiaras and all WHITE!

So if you are up for throwing one.
Start getting ready now!!
Movie comes out April 28th!

Apr 19, 2009

Soundtrack of the Week...

Curently addicted to this song :D I know nothing new but oh sooo chill giving.

Apr 17, 2009

YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Hey Hawt Mamas
Tomorrow YMCA is holding
Healthy Kids day 9am.
It was actually fun last time I went. Games, little gifts and Entertainment.
Get your kids out and
Don't forget Sunscreen;)
More Info

Apr 16, 2009

Laura Gibson Sample Sale! TODAY!

Tucson's own Laura Gibson will have a Sample Sale 30% -70%
off. She's been featured in March issue of Bazaar UK and many more magazines!
Amazing Handcrafted Jewelry for any occasions!
For more pictures visit LauraGibson.com

Apr 15, 2009

Still Judging Book by It's Cover?

click image to view

I'm sure ton of you have seen!
But I had to share to may be some that didn't!
Still Judging Book by It's Cover?

Loomstate for Target YAY

Ya know April is Earth month right? Well with that in mind, Loomstate; brand known for it's eco-friendly and stylish clothing and Target bringing you women's and men's new "get, want and grab it fast 'till it's gone" collection!
Plus these natural, breathable fabrics will work well for AZ;) aka HOT!
prices are 14.99 to 44.99
and will be available April 19th :D!

Apr 13, 2009

Soundtrack for this week...

aww sorry a bit late;) But hope you like this!
Kisses have fun!

Boy Crisis - L’homme at Le Choix de Mlle Eddie - MP3s

Apr 11, 2009

Off to Bday Party

Still can't figure out where front or where is back on this dress
but it's on of my fav vintage finds!

Apr 10, 2009

Target Find!

Seams like any store you go in now , they have Reusable Bags!
I have never really even stopped to look at them But this caught my eye!
Might be the bright red LOL, nah I just love how compact they are!

The smallest one will be no problem in about any purse!
and they unfold in to pretty haft bags.
Target is just amazing!! <3>

Apr 7, 2009

Art: Wil Lin my first love...

My first Art purchase and first art love, when i didn't know much about anything.
still Very proud to have his prints.
And still want more!
Here is some of Wil Lin's wonderful work.
you can fine more info or buy prints at

Apr 6, 2009

Soundtrack for this week...

Found this song from former O-Zone singer eheheh . I would recomend go finding the real video as they don't alow embedding:(

Apr 5, 2009

Decor: Baggy Magazine Holder.

Don't have a magazine holder?
Don't know what to do with that oversized out of style structured bag? (yeah we all know it's hard to let somethings go)
Look no further!
I thought it's yummy idea! soo simple and easy.

Apr 2, 2009

Nylon Magazine

Read This Issue

One of My Fav Magazines
so I decided to share :)

Apr 1, 2009

Dare: :P Careless Breeze

to stick your head out of the window and may be stick your tongue out
I'm sure it will make you happy just for that moment be careless!
to those that catch bugs with there tongue I'm sorry in advance heheheh

And don't be afraid to email me dare we should all do in future.
But remember think positive!
And if you snap a pic Send it over we will post it:)