Feb 26, 2010

Must Read!

One of my fave. books. I have read it a couple times and loved it each time!
First published in 1938 (I believe), has some vintage ideas of " how to
be a lady" . But I still think u can get out basic etiquette and great
little tricks.
Just makes u feel very lady. I just think every girl should read this!

Feb 18, 2010

latest Shoot

Model: Amanda Stephens
Style: Xenia - StyleAZ
MUA/HS: Stefani Hernandez
Location: Toni & Guy - Tucson

Feb 11, 2010

awww already SOLD OUT!

No Surprise!!
I can't wait for movie release and sure wanted to put my hands on this little number.
oh well... better luck next time!
but doesn't mean i'll go by the store today to make sure they are out.!