May 25, 2009

Twitter Find : Necklush

One of my fav. finds. What not to love?!!!
Style - Check
Unique - Check
from Casual to Outthere - Check
Unisex - Check
Any weather - Check

Add Necklush™ to your basic jeans and T shirt look and
it won't be so "basic" anymore ;)
All I know I want one and I'm getting it now!
$40.00 and up

May 23, 2009

Art: KuKula , Want on my wall...

I hope It will be my next art purchase...
I adore her paintings, and get lost in each of them!
Visit to shop or more info!
And Amazing Gallery!

May 22, 2009

Elle Cover

Just got it and LOVE IT!!

May 18, 2009

May 17, 2009

Vintage Picture to Love

...and to inspire.

Pictures provided by Postcards Stock
Check out for more fabulous finds.

Soundtrack for this week...

Just blogged shoes that reminded me of here,
and here is her new single!
Be sure to shake it! ;)

Eurovision 2009 Winner

This song won:) what do you think? for more info:)

May 16, 2009

Smell the Air...

These are two brands of candles I buy!
Others... I'm sorry but they don't do it for me.
"Gold Canyon" and "Voluspa" the only that actually smell to me
and compare prices to some of the "best" they are my NUMERO 1 in my book.

They would make a perfect gift to anyone and aren't too pricey
Voluspa $18
Gold Canyon $17.98

P.S. I get only candles in glass or metal container... I'm to scared of other kind, you know safety and all :P

Sale Victoria's Secret

May 14, 2009

Key Necklace a la YOU!

*Gives you big cheesy smile*
I think you feel the need, the need for crafts lesson.
HAND MADE sounds sooo much more appealing!

So I got and Idea today, for some reason I wanted antique key on a ribbon necklace
and it had to be antique (love the fast that there are stories behind them)

I ran across the town to antique stores. And sure enough they had to be closed!!! eww
But hey! it didn't stop me, oh NO!! I ran to Ace Hardware.
Not antique, but I'll be on look out next time.
The guy looked at me absolutely weir when i said i need keys ehheh
but i got them!! the last set they had!!
They are perfect! I think I actually squealed in the car on the way home!

This will take you 5 min!
You will need ribbons (anything you like)
Black, for goth look,
White pretty lace
or i went for pink , at list for now...
Something to cut the ribbon with
and a lighter, to stop fraying of the ribbon. Remember you melt the end of the ribbon with the heat NOT the actually fire you don't want charcoal on the end of it. Just bring it close enough so it starts melting.

Let your Imagination run!
Hang it on pearl necklace, add charms,
make it your own!

Total cost:
Keys : $2.95
Ribbon: $0.25 something like that, it's just little chunk
and you can say you got it shipped from Paris, France! shhh it will be our secret.

May 13, 2009


I want this and I want them now!!
Natacha Marro

Do you think Madonna has this?

May 9, 2009


Ever wonder what angels eat for lunch?
I think I found it!!
Found it at Costco
and got absolutely hooked!
Not only it taste heavenly, it's EASY!
Add water and microwave for 2-3 min!
and only 120 calories.

*flutters her wings* I'm off to get more!!

more info on soup

May 8, 2009

Top Teeth Stainers

Cigarettes - Just don't do it;)
Coffee - omg can't say anything against this as I'm addicted, do add cream/milk.
Wine - go for bubbly ;) lol
Tea - Hot water with honey and lemon , Healthy!!
btw if "honey'' has high fructose corn in it IT'S NOT HONEY!!
you know thous packs you get in KFC (fake)

and more stainers:
Fluoride - yep too much of it can leave white spots on your Teeth.
Like anything else in life MODERATION is the key.
Other Drinks - Coke, Beer, Dark juices - please start drinking water!! sooo sooo good for you!
Berries - Cherries, Blueberries - don't you dare stop eating them!
Ages - yesss I said it age:( shhhh


May 7, 2009

Gossip Girl

If you are as addicted as I am!!
I think you would like to know new
gossip girl music guru.
Be sure to Subscribe

We all know GG introduced us to some we never heard, and used
some of our favs! sounds!
watch on CWTV last 3 episodes only.

Leather Jackets, The City and more

Leather Jackets are must have of the season! and next hehhe
though you can't pull it off in our dry heat...
May be save it for fall/winter.

Target will release This one on may 17th
by Tracy Feith and her GO international collection
$139 (ouch) maybe wait till it goes on sale?
But it's lovely and worth drooling over!

Recognize the model? heheh
our girl Allie from "The City"
I Think she is adorable!

May 5, 2009

Soundtrack for this week...

I can't get over Santogold!! it's in my car it's with me all the time!! hhehe
enjoy hope you get addicted too!

May 1, 2009

Bride Wars Pictures

It was wonderful and FUN!!
I looked like 80s Madonna in my vintage Buffalo Exchange find and cut out gloves.
Cake was a hell to make:) but was worth heheh