Jul 1, 2009

Necklace That's Worth it!

When I go shopping to Forever 21 my fave. stop is accessories.
I love the prices and everything is very beautiful. I want to buy it all.
Usually I let my kids chose something for them as it's not expensive and we all wear it at the end hehehh well it ends up MINE! But they have fun!
So this necklaces was chosen by one of my kids SHE LOVES RED!
The only thing when it rang up it was $22.80!!! O.O
Since there is no return on jewelry i was "stuck" with it!
But at the end it was all worth it!!
Every time I were it i get compliments! it's sooo beautiful in the sunlight, an absolute "makes you happy when you put on" piece!
I love it soo much now I hide it from kids when I take it off.
To get yours CLICK HERE

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